Color: Red Tiger
Type: Medium Sink, 0,5/1,5m Depth Running

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“Tailbait with a great rolling action”

With its unique wobble this tail-bait is a real appearance in the water, this is partly because the Doombell can be equipped with two types of tails.
Equipped with a paddle tail, the Doombell has a more aggressive action which is ideal in the spring and summer period.
With the curly tail it is a lot more subdued, this makes it super suitable for fishing in the autumn and winter period.
The Doombell makes the difference because it can be fished super slow with both tails without sacrificing action.
By its weight it can effortlessly be throw a full session.
This tail-bait can also be used for trolling.
In essence, a super versatile tail-bait that can be used all year round.
The Doombell comes standard with a paddle tail.

Size: 22cm
Weight: +- 75g.
Tail: Paddle (Doombell)
Hook Size Body: We advice BKK trebles, 1x Hooksize 2/0
Hook Size Tail: We advice BKK trebles, 1x Hooksize 2/0
How To Fish: Casting

* All baits will be sent without hooks (Mailman friendly).
* All our products are crafted by hand, final results may differ.
* Note that all baits can vary in weight (+- 5g.)

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