Lili XL

Color: Electric Pike – R. Dekkers Signature Series
Type: Low Float

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“Hybrid jerkbait with a side to side action”

A hybrid with a twist!
Its full body makes it very visible all around and because of the body roll and wiggling butt the Lili XL has an attractive action.
When the Lili XL is being fished, it is standing at the “hang” moment with its head down, representing the perfect imitation of an feeding fish.
Reel in nice and relax or rather more active jerking?
You can do both with this versatile hybrid.
The Lili XL dives up to 2,5/3m.

Color Extra: UV – Active
Size: 16cm
Weight: +- 125g.
Hook Size Body: We advice BKK trebles, 2x Hooksize 3/0
How To Fish: Jerk

* All baits will be sent without hooks (Mailman friendly).
* All our products are crafted by hand, final results may differ.
* Note that all baits can vary in weight (+- 5g.)

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