Color: Golden Ayu
Type: Sink / Shallow running

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We all know that our beloved pike eats about everything… even frogs are on the menu. If you have ever seen a frog swimming you know that these creatures have an amazing movement in the water. A movement that not go’s unnoticed! The Esox Inc answer to that is the DoomFrog, a variation on the DoomBell with a less agressive action which makes it a ideal bait for the colder months like fall fished between dying weeds and the upcoming spring season fished over the outcoming plants. Casting this lure & fished with spinstops will stretch the double curly tail like the legs of a frog. In the pause moments the bait will drop and the teaser blade will have a teasing action witch on pressuered waters can for sure bring some surprises!

Color Extra: Flaked / Handmade eyes
Size: +-22cm (18cm tail in rest position)
Weight: +-80g
Tail: Double Curly Tail
Hook Size Body: We advice BKK trebles size 2/0
How To Fish: Stop & Go / Spinning

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