Mojo Dive & Rise Natural Pike

Color: Natural Pike
Type: Dive & Rise / Floating

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Dive & Rise Baits are a real underestimated kind of lures. Fished next to steep drop off’s ore dying vegitation these kind of lures can bring real surprises! fished on a longer rod with a intemediate action these baits can easy find there way up to 3 meter to 4 meters fished with small pauses and more agressive pulls. when fished with longer pauses and more gentle strokes of the rod the mojo will run up to 2 meters. Pikes and other predators that will folow the lure will most likely strike in the pause moment as the lure start to rise like a dying baitfish. Who has the MOJO for some nerve wrecking strikes!?

Size: 22cm
Weight: +-130
Hook Size Body: We advice BKK trebles size 2/0
Hook Size Tail: We advice BKK treble size 1/0
How To Fish: Pull Bait

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