Lili XL

Color: Mash-Up 2023
Type: Slow Sink

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In heart and soul, the Lili is a classic hybrid.
The well-known hopping left right action with the occasional unpredictable jump makes the action where the predatory fish will strike hard.
A bait that reacts well to the top of the rod and is easy to fish “on the reel”.
This combination is a must if you need to divide your attention during, for example, a boating session.
You’d rather fish more actively?
It’s all possible with this versatile hybrid.
The sinking depth depends on how deep you let it sink.

Color Extra: collected glitters from the entire Esox Inc Baits from 2023
Size: 16 cm
Weight: +-110gr
Hook Size Body: We advice BKK Hooks, 2x Hooksize 3/0
How To Fish: Jerk

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