Color: Chartreuse Splash
Type: Slow Sink

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With it’s ability to fish it ultra slow with a good side to side action the MugShot is the perfect lure to present our predators for a long time in there area.
What looks like another Twist-glide in the giant pile of glidebaits that the lure world allready offers may surprise you.
The mugshot is a downsize lure with a higher profile and a wide body witch predators easier spot.
Due to the position of the eyelet on the nose this bait can be fished ultra shallow (slow sinking versions) and even subsurface (floating versions)
witch make smaller and more shallow waters very intresting playgrounds.
Of course this lure was not only made with the eye on smaller waters, anglers who fish big lakes know that
a lure that can be fished very slowly over the weed beds can be summer killer!

Color Extra: UV Active / Foiled
Size: 15cm
Weight: +-80g
Hook Size Body: We advice BKK trebles size 3/0
How To Fish: Jerkbait

* All baits will be sent without hooks (Mailman friendly).
* All our products are crafted by hand, final results may differ.
* Note that all baits can vary in weight (+- 5g.)

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