Color: Common Carp
Type: Sink

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When old skool met new skool magic happenend! This lure is the perfect crossbreed between a spinner, tailbait and a spybait ! The big double blades make fish go crazy, but without the massive pressure one your rod & wrist!! The New system allows you to start the blades spinning without agressive pulls and high speed retrieves.
Strong winds are known as a big problem for spinners ans also this problem is solved, she casts like a bullet! Without hooking your blades!

Duet o the smaller profile but still having the under water pressure of a big prey/lure fish are easily triggered on taking this bait as an easy snack! Specially on waters where they have seen it al! No agressive actions but a hole bunch of noice…

The DoomBlade will come in a variety of sink rates from shallow runners up to fast sinking deep runners!

Ready to catch your monster?!

Size: 17cm
Weight: +- 85g.
Hook Size Body: We advice BKK trebles, 1x Hooksize 2/0
How To Fish: Casting / Spinning

* All baits will be sent without hooks (Mailman friendly).
* All our products are crafted by hand, final results may differ.
* Note that all baits can vary in weight (+- 5g.)

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