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Christmasbox DoomFrog Toxic Bullhead (UV) / Mini Lili Suicide Perch incl. Beanie and Buff

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Only the best of the best is good enough to build our baits


We distinguish ourselves through the use of high-quality materials and various techniques


Solid look & feel, our baits can take a beating and withstand the sharpest teeth


Every step in the process is done by hand and makes each bait unique


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“Tail-Baits with a great rolling action”


“Hybrid jerkbaits with a side to side action”


“Classic action gliders with more volume”


“Flanking stop and go baits”


“Handmade durable soft baits that can take a beating”

Official BKK Dealer

Esox Inc. and BKK® Hooks are working together to provide you the best fishing experience.

Pikecraft Partnership

Esox Inc. and Pikecraft Fishing® have partnered up to offer you the perfect rig for your softbaits.

Custom Work?

All our baits are custom build.

Special requests?
Almost everything is possible.
Tell us your ideas and together we’ll create your own personal special.


“Thanks dad for learning me all the basics”

Everybody knows that feeling, something pops up and you must do something with it.
I have that with baits, when the ideas popping I start drawing and nothing will stop me.

For over a decade, I build the baits for those who search for a high-end custom product.
Whether it is a Hybrid, Glider, Tail-Bait, Cross Breed or a special request, each bait receives the same personal attention from sketch to end result.

I create for those who appreciate that personal touch and looking for baits that not only looks good, but can take a beating too.

You know you want them.

Fish and smile,

Baits in action

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